Cloth and Leather Bindings, Paper Preservation and Custom Boxes

services Cloth handles a wide range of Cloth Bindings, Hard Cover Bindings or Soft Cover Bindings. No matter if you have an expensive collectible or a priceless Family Bible, your book will be cared for with expertise and experience. Our services include complete restoration of cloth bindings; custom bindings in cloth and conservation repair.

services Leather

My services include rebinding and repair of leather Hard Cover and Soft Cover books and Bibles. Whether you have an expensive collectible or a priceless Family Bible, your book will be cared for with expertise and experience. Below you will find different styles of book and Bible restorations among others a complete restoration of a leather bound volume 1573. Board attachment with Joint Tackets is one way to re-attach boards, when the original spine cover could not be saved otherwise.

A nice story is associated with the creation of a Custom Binding and Box, a gift to the couple from their parents. The couple is German and lives in Berlin, Germany. Their first name initials happen to be “A“ for Ani and “J” for Janusch. This may be written as “JA” which is German for “YES” and needless to say essential during wedding vows.

The design for the initials was emailed to me and I had a die made here in the US.

My client asked for a post screw style album with blank pages, to be bound in leather. Before the wedding, some of the blank pages were given to friends to decorate. Box and album, including the decorated pages, were handed to the couple at the wedding.

services Paper Preservation

I preserve and restore paper based objects including prints, drawings, maps and a variety of documents. Documents include Trauscheine (marriage licenses), Build Sheets, U.S. Army discharge papers, land grants and more. Treatment may range from simple mending to washing, deacidification, pulp infill and encapsulation of fragile documents.

services Custom Boxes

Boxes are an important accessory for your collection. A custom box can make a big difference in the long-term protection of a valuable collectible. A box creates a micro environment which protects your book from light, changes in temperature and humidity, insects, smoke, etc. It can be an economical option if a full conservation treatment is not feasible.

services CLASSES

Occasionally I offer classes for small groups in Archival Mending Techniques, Book Making in a variety of styles and Paste (Decorated) Paper Making. Feel free to email if you are interested.

PASTE PAPERS were one of the earliest forms of decorative papers. They were prepared and used by German Bookbinders for both cover papers and end sheet papers from the 16th through the 18th centuries. The people best known for their paste paper were the Moravians from Herrnhut, East Saxony, in Germany.

In this process designs are worked into a special preparation of paste and dye that has been spread on paper. Most beautiful and decorative designs can be created by just using your fingers. You may use combs, crumpled paper, lace…anything that will leave an impression.

Aging Gracefully

We do Not attempt to hide evidence of use and time passed.
We attempt to show care.