Washington State, Book Restoration and Paper Conservation

Owner of the Victorian Family Bible:

For 46 years I have had the Holy Bible which belonged to my great-grandparents; it has a copyright of 1886. During that time I have taken it to several people who "specialized" in book repair and, without exception, everyone of them said it was "too far gone and beyond repair." Then I met Gudrun and without so much as a second guess she repaired it. My great-grandparents Bible is now proudly displayed in my office at Holy Name Catholic Church in Ketchikan Alaska. Thank you very much Gudrun and I will be mailing you a second book for repair, copyright 1787, very soon.
Father Steve Gallagher

September 2012

I just picked up my Lincoln Newspaper from the frame shop. Gudrun, I am so very pleased with the work you did on my newspaper. I don’t know if you had a chance to see it framed. It looks fantastic.
Thank you very much, Diane

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